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CCENT strives to provide quality care for adults with nasal and sinus problems, allergies, throat disorders, ear and hearing disorders, balance and dizziness, and general ENT problems. We do offer minor surgical procedures in the office.



One in ten North Americans suffers from hearing loss. Otolaryngologists treat these ear disorders. They are trained in surgical and medical treatment of hearing, ear infections, balance disorders, ear noise (tinnitus), nerve pain, facial and cranial nerve disorders.

 Otolaryngologists also diagnose and manage dizziness and balance disorders related to the ears. 

Ear cleaning


One of the most common health complaints in America is chronic sinusitis. Each year approximately 35 million people develop chronic sinusitis. It is the primary skill of the Otolaryngologist to care for the nasal cavity and sinuses. Allergies and problems relating to the sense of smell are managed by your Otolaryngologist. 


This vital area involves communicating by speech and singing and is specific to the expertise of your Otolaryngologist. Also included are eating, upper aero-digestive tract, or esophagus and swallowing. These areas all fall within the realm specific to Otolaryngology.

Head & Neck

Important nerves located in this center of the body include nerves that control sight, smell, hearing and the face. Otolaryngologists are trained to treat both benign and malignant (cancerous) tumors, facial trauma, and deformities, and infectious diseases of the head and neck.

Other Issues

Treatment of Facial Skin Cancers

Skin cancer is the most common form of human cancer. It is estimated that over 1 million new cases occur annually. The rates of all forms of skin cancer are increasing each year, representing a growing concern. It has been estimated that nearly half of all Americans who live to age 65 will develop skin cancer at least once. Our team of providers routinely see facial skin cancers and lesions. If you have any areas of concern in the head and neck area, certainly address these issues with us.

Cape Coral ENT Center treats adults ages eighteen and over!

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